About Us


The company Fortis Maribor was founded in 2011. We steadily improved the initial direction of the company in the field of laser cutting, due to market opportunities and customer needs. In our offer we have included a range of services, which include consulting, engineering, metal assembly services, welding, painting in the chamber, metal sheet and pipe bending and other services.


Among the key development moments of our company is the purchase of a laser for cutting thin plate. For our services and products we use modern NC and CNC machines. This, accompanied by a qualified staff, is key to improve the work process and development of the company. The solutions we offer in the market help improve the business and development of our business partners.

We set ourselves high goals
Our goal is costumer orientation. With the introduction of new services, modern technologies, hardware and new products, we strive to add value for customers. In accordance with their needs we constantly expand and update the machine park and a set of services. We enable to the customer at one place a whole handling of metals, thereby consolidating the Fortis Maribor d.o.o. competitiveness and thus realization our long-term development policies.

We follow our vision
Fortis Maribor tracks progress and modern technologies in mechanical engineering. With our way of working we assure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and employees. Our employees are the key to the realization of our long-term vision of both the assurance of professional technology services, flexibility, as well as adaptation to market requirements and customer orientation. With a motivated, professionally trained staff and modern technological equipment in Fortis Maribor we consolidate our position in the demanding EU market and the markets of Eastern Europe

Quality and development
Demanding products are high quality products, which are characterized with the highest quality of welding technology, welding procedures and implementing various, demanding metals/materials. In the company FORTIS MARIBOR d.o.o. is executed according to the international guidelines/standards SIST EN ISO 3834-2 and certified quality of welding procedure as well as certified welders. The customers have assurance for the product production according to their request/guidelines and CE attested material according to the international guidelines/standards SIST EN 1090-1. Besides that, company FORTIS MARIBOR d.o.o. assures 100% material traceability as well as component traceability. The company’s management and the employees are dedicated to the implementation quality management according to the standard SIST EN ISO 9001, which results with the highest quality for the most demanding products and makes customer satisfied. The company’s development is achieved in cooperation with the international acknowledged institutes, like Welding institute from Ljubljana – IVSwww.i-var.si, Institute of metal construction IMKwww.imk.si as well as certifying the quality management of business model – Bureau Veritaswww.bureauveritas.si.